Excited for a career in Project Management


I am currently a student from San Diego, CA and am about to graduate from National University with a bachelors degree in arts, general studies. I have studied extensively in interdisciplinary studies in order to familiarize myself with skills in viewing any situation from multiple perspectives. Project management is a perfect fit with these skills as I will be able to manage projects both at a high level and in great detail. I am excited to get the opportunity to utilize these skills.  

In my journey in education, I have learned many lessons about myself and my chosen profession, project management. I have run into speed bumps and life lessons but the one thing that has always stayed consistent is my desire to keep going. Learning from any mistakes made and knowing that you never stop learning has become one of my most valuable assets. Working in Project Management is perfect for me as an Interdisciplinarian because it has made me open to working at either a specific organization in project management or on a contracted basis to many different types of organizations. My education has taught me to be flexible and how to pivot in the moment when needed for my customers. I am proficient in team work and have a strong ability to write formally, shown in a few papers in my portfolio. I am able to be fluid in any situation I work on which helps me to accommodate my customers’ needs. I welcome any challenges thrown my way and am excited for these next steps.